Stand-by for raids introduced

Revision 22/10/14 by Titansruler
Standby System:

We have a system that allows us to guard us from having to end a raid due to a DC or 2, called the standby system.

Why this system?

1) We will have people ready during a raid if we need to swap someone in the raid. That is if someone DCs or have to leave before the raid ends, or if we need to optimize the raid setup for a specific encounter.

2) Raiders that will be struggling to keep the 75% attendance can gain extra attendance.

We will try to have 1 person on standby all the time during our raids. We will also aim to help people get the standby duty if in need and deserve attendance credit. This is however not a rule and we urge people not to abuse the system.

Stand-by rules

1) There will be 3 periods during a raid night that stand-by people will be able to sign up for:
a. First half
b. Second half
c. Full raid

2) Signup for stand-by will be done on the signup page.

3) Signup follows the normal “Late signup” system.

4) Stand-by people need to be online during all of their standby period and be able to join the raid within 5 minutes. Stand-by people that join the raid in the first half can choose to stay or leave the raid after the first half ends in case they cannot stay longer.

5) Stand-by people can be on alts during the standby period, but if so, need to be on TeamSpeak so the raid leader knows where to find you. You do not need to be on the same channel, but you do have to be on the same server as the raid is.

6) Raid leaders will choose who will be on stand-by. Remember, you can be declined in your request for stand-by. If unsure, check with the raid leader on the status of the request.

7) Stand-by people will be under the normal rules for penalties as for not being online.

8) Stand-by people will receive double attendence credit for the period that they are standby.

9) People that signup as active but get rotated receive both attendance credit for being rotated and extra if signing up for stand-by duty if the standby is granted by the raid leader.