Guild Bank - Claim Thread

If Raiders wish to claim items from the Guild Bank they must add a post to this thread detailing what items are required and for what use.

It may be possible to provide the item, but dont be afraid to ask, just dont be dissapointed if you dont get them Smiling

We will try to deal with your request within 4 days.

As already mentioned, dont expect to get all the items you would like as we will be trying to make sure there is an even distribution of mats between raiders, but dont be afraid to ask, its better that we use these things than just look at them in the bank Smiling

Keep in mind for enchanting mats; You cannot ask for mats for an enchant you already bought.

To link items in your post then here is how to do it:

  • Find the item on WoWHead.
  • Every item is associated with a numeric Identifier.
  • For example Sha Crystal has an ID of 74248.
  • This ID can be seen in the URL of the item, i.e.
  • In your post add the following to create a linkable item...
    [ item ]Enter Identifier Here[ /item ] (remove spaces from inside the square brackets!)
  • For example, [ item ]74248[ /item ] gives Sha Crystal [90] (remove spaces from inside the square brackets!)