[ARCHIVED] Vigilantes Loot System - EPGP

Which loot system does Vigilantes use?

Vigilantes uses the EPGP loot system for its official raids.

For this to work, every raider will need to have the following addon installed (this is not optional)


In addition I would strongly recommend you also install the following to enable to you track both your PR and the value of drops


What does EPGP stand for?

Effort Points / Gear Points System

How Does EPGP work?

Basic Concept

EPGP revolves around this single and very simple formula:

PR = EP / GP

where PR = Priority Points, EP = Effort Points and GP = Gear Points.

Priority Points
Priority Points is the result you get from using the formula above. The person with the highest Priority Points will be the person who has priority over everyone else with loot.

Effort Points
Effort points are given for effort that the raider has put in for the raid. This includes hours spent raiding, boss downing, first boss downing bonus, being on time and prepared for raid invites and staying in the raid until the end of the raid, etc etc etc. EP will be added for anything you do that helps the raid.

Gear Points
Gear points are given for loot that you recieved from the raids. Like EP, this number will not get reduced other than by EPGP Decay.

How are we going to earn Effort Points?

Initally you will be earning EP based on the duration you are in the raid

Raiding 1000 Awarded every 15 minutes during raids

If you are rotated you will receive full credit.

We may also introduce additional EP for progression nights, similar to our current VRP system.

How do I know how much a drop is worth?

If you have the 2nd addon installed, it will add a tooltip to all items showing their GP value

Failing that there is a relatively complicated formual for doing it manually


Why do my weapons have two values?

This is to allow for certain classes that have to carry more weapon slots than others

The following table explains when these exceptions kick in.

Item Type Special Case Secondary Value
1H Weapons Used as an Offhand 1/3 the normal GP value
1H Weapons Hunters 1/3 the normal GP value
1H Weapons Tanking Weapons 1/3 the normal GP value
2H Weapons Used as an Offhand (TG Warriors) 1/2 the normal GP value
2H Weapons Hunters 1/2 the normal GP value
Ranged Weapons Anyone Except a Hunter 1/3 the normal GP value
Shields Anything Except Tanking 1/3 the normal GP value

How does Decay work

We will be applying a weekly decay factor to both your spent GP and your earned EP. This will be at a rate of 15% a week.

This is aimed at stopping people holding off on upgrades because they want a specific item, which we have seen regularly and really hits progression.

How do I know what my Priority Points are?

If you have the 2nd addon, you simply type


Failing that you can have a look at the officer notes, where you will see your EP and GP points and can manaully calculate your PR

We will also be uploading this to epgp web. The vigi link is


What about offspec items?

Offspec items will remain free. When it comes to loot an item, you will receive a popup box from the addon and this will give you the option to greed items.

What raids will be covered by EPGP?

Only current content will be covered by EPGP rules and this is currently:

  • Blackwing Descent
  • The Bastion of Twilight
  • Throne of the Four Winds

Where can I read up more about the system?

You will find a lot more information about the system at


What about optional raids?

The loot system for optional raids is covered by


What about tier tokens?

The tokens are charged at a rate equal to the underlying item.

As such if its a shoulder token, the price would be as if a normal shoulder item dropped. Unforuntely the addon doesn't currently automatically add GP prices to tokens

For T11 normal tokens the prices are

Head: 1000GP
Shoulders: 750GP