[ARCHIVED] Priority Greed

Prio Greed:

To give us the strongest team possible we have been running with Prio Greed for some key roles so we always can change the raid setup when needed.

Atm we got the following with Prio greed:

  • Name – Role (Currently no people have prio greed)

The requirement to be on this list is that the raider must have a raid viable gear, for their offspec, with pve knowledge. They are also required to be able to perform at a reasonable level, but not expected to compete with mainspec players.

They are not required to have the spec talented during raids, but are expected to be able to respec quickly if it is called for. This means they must have the required glyphs in their spellbook (not necessary equipped) and have their offspec talents either written down or bookmarked to ensure they don't slow down the raid.