Raid Application, Linh - Hunter

Character name: Linh
Level: 110
Class: Huntard
Current realm: Doomhammer
Armory link:

About your character(s)
1. What is your main spec?
Beast Mastery

2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec?
I'm gonna be honest I've played almost exclusively BM for this entire expansion but I have dabbled in both survival and Marksman, if it'd be really necissary I guess I could do it.

About raiding
3. How long have you played WoW?
Too long, about 10 years, I think. I started in the last year of vanilla.

4. Summarise your guild and raiding history?
In vanilla I was too green to do anything serious, it took me well into TBC before I grasped most basics of the game.
However in TBC I raided through most of it and in the end I raided with a end guild on horde side and progressed far
into sunwell.
During Wotlk I raided seriously up until I cleared ulduar on 25 man but after that I didn't raid untill now in Legion.

5. How often can you attend our raids?
Most, since I'm unemployed at the moment.

About motivations to join us:
6. Why did you apply to vigilantes?
Because my old guild was too small and didn't have enough members to raid and so we always had to pug most of the raid, we where also having big problems progressing in NH HC because of it.

I'm looking to progress and to have a good time, Vigilantes seemed to match this desire.

7. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes?
Nope, no one.

Closing questions:
8. Any questions or comments for us?
None at the top of my head