VRP Free Loot - Greed rules

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In last thursdays raid we introduced some new rules regarding how loot is handled. Here are the written details of exactly what this system change is and the rules that govern it.

The changes will effect all of us but it is specifically aimed at helping those classes that are capable of playing more than one role.

The fundamental change to the system is that you may be given an opportunity to get certain types of Loot without paying VRP for it.

Each raider currently has a specified role which he/she is expected to perform, i.e. Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, or Ranged DPS.

Loot designed for use in your primary role will still require you to call 'need' and pay VRP in the normal way.

However, if no one calls 'need' for a piece of loot, you may then call 'greed' on an item. But please wait for the LootMaster to invite you to call 'greed'.
Just to clarify, you are never allowed to call 'greed' on an item that is designed for your primary role, or could be considered very useful in that role.

If more than one person calls 'greed' then it will be a simple /roll to decide who gets the loot.

PVP items and 2nd set items are classified as non primary loot and fall under the 'greed' rules.

The reasons for making these changes are 3 fold...

1/ TBC has seen a few encounters that require people to perform non primary roles. e.g. Tanks DPS at Aran, all roles must be able to DPS their Inner Demon at Leotheras. To ensure we are properly prepared for these encounters and future encounters like this we will try to help our raiders build up better non primary role gear.

2/ To improve the flexibility of the raid. Sometimes the strategies we use to kill bosses require specific set ups and specific people to be present. If these people are not present then atm it means we can not realistcally attempt them. However if we are able to better gear our hybrids then it may be possible to still attempt these bosses. For example, Morogrim could still be attempted without Cragus, or on many bosses Myrah would be able to better play the role of tank when needed.

3/ Make the game more fun outside of the raid environment. For example, healers may finally be able to kill a mob in less than an hour Eye-wink, people will have sufficient gear to experiment in other roles, and for those that like PVP there might be a few items to help you.

Making the cost of these items zero means that your quest to equip yourself in the role you raid with is not impacted.

A final note, this system will undergo a trial period to see if it does indeed have a positive effect for us. If it does not work as well as we hope, or people start to find ways to abuse the system then we will just revert back to the way we have done things upto now, i.e. go back to dissing items.