Raid Offenses

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Raid offenses

This is not final. We will use raid offenses, but not sure yet in what shape or form

    1. Not being online at raid invite without prior notification
    2. Late unsigning. Unsigning(inactive) less than 6 hours before the raid
    3. Slowing down Raid progression

  • Failing to use potions when the raid leader has called for it.
  • Not following raid assignments.
  • Failing to meet the correct equipment requirements
  • Not back in time after a mid raid break
  • Wasting the raid's time.

If you recieve a Raid offense:

  • Hand any owed gold to a Guild council officer (Stevoz, Nyxxi, Marylou, Titansruler)
  • Once you have done so, post the text "Sent to (officer name)" followed by the date.