Raider application - Sipollo, Shadow priest

Application character information

About your character(s)

  1. What is your main spec?
  2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec?
    Priests only heal by vampiric embrace!
    Whilst I have healed on my priest in the past, it was several expansions ago and the healing for both holy & disc have changed a lot since then. Whilst I may have gotten the disc & holy artifacts, I think that was more by luck than really understanding how to heal with the specs!

About raiding

  1. How long have you played WoW?
    Since vanilla without a break in my sub
  2. Summarise your guild and raiding history?
    tl;dr: Started off raiding in Vanilla with Molten Core and have raided in every expansion since then. Initially casual raiding, so didn't really properly poke T2/T3/AQ40 or 25 player raids in TBC. During Mists I moved more to progression raiding. Since then I've gotten the majority of heroic/mythic raid bosses down, until Legion's Nighthold came along.

    I was having "fun" remembering all the details so I ended up using to look it all up! And it also ended up somewhat long, thus the tl;dr above.

    I started off on Silvermoon in a friends & family guild. Most of the raiding was done in Vagabonds & Angels, with me switching to Dark Serenity when V&A stopped raiding, but I wanted to continue raiding in TBC.

    Towards the end of Wraith myself & a group of friends moved to Earthen Ring - an RP server we picked as we knew people there already - after Silvermoon became too busy. We formed a friends & family guild. And I ended up raid leading for, probably because I didn't step back fast enough! Before the end of Wraith we got the Lich King down on normal which was nice. Later in Cata we cleared each of the raid tiers on at normal & dipped our toes into heroic raids.

    Mists rolled around and whilst I was still raiding, the lack of focus - along with raid leading burnout - got to me. I switched to a more progress orientated guild on ER and we got most of ToT cleared on HC. And then Mists burn out hit and that guild stopped raiding.

    So I switched to The Pheonix Reborn on Turalyon where we cleared SoO on HC. In Warlords we followed the change from HC to mythic raiding, with us clearing all of the mythic raids with the exception of the very end bosses - we didn't get Blackhand or Archimonde mythic down before the end of their respective tiers.

    In Legion I've been present for all of the mythic kills the guild has done - we cleared EN on mythic before the end of the tier. We cleared ToV HC before the end of tier, but didn't go back to poke ToV mythic. Cleared NH HC and then got Skorpyron on mythic down before we hit a road block of signups and Legion AP burnout - the later bosses in NH mythic being turned around 54 traits. The progress team in TPR stopped raiding a couple of weeks ago. Around the same time I was also feeling a bit of burn out & not feeling I was really doing that well in mythic raiding so started thinking about going to heroic raiding. Unfortunately I wasn't a good fit for their casual raid team who is continuing to do heroic raiding.

  3. How often can you attend our raids?
    Both raids, with the proviso that if something at work breaks & I have to stay late on a Wednesday to fix it then I'd miss the start of that raid. However if that does happen I'll let people know if there is a mechanism to do so - be it Discord, forum post, poking guild chat with the app, etc. Fortunately this doesn't happen that often.

About motivations to join us:

  1. Why did you apply to vigilantes?
    You're raiding two nights a week - something which I did in TPR - which gives me time for chasing PvP prestige, mount farming, achievements, getting AP, etc in the rest of the time. Your focus on heroic, with some gentle poking of mythic is also what I'd like to do now.
  2. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes?

Closing questions:

  1. Any questions or comments for us?
    None at the moment; had a nice chat with Erodin earlier this evening which answered most of my questions.