Raiding Application - Ruarc

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Character name: Ruarc
Level: 110
Class: Retribution/Holy/Protection Paladin
Current realm: Doomhammer
Armory link: Ruarc

About your character(s)
1. What is your main spec?
Retribution, for easy progression and leveling – I was playing on my own after all, but I feel comfortable with all of the 3 Paladin specs.
2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec?
Holy and sometimes Protection for easy and faster LFD or LFR.

Another toon I am playing and enjoying a lot is MM Hunter, which is also an option to play in the guild as you were looking for ranged DPS. I just need to push him through 109 and gear it a bit, which shouldn’t be an issue. I also enjoy playing a Mage, but he is barely 102. Still, if needed I can level it and gear it in no time.

About raiding
3. How long have you played WoW?
I have been playing WoW since the summer of 2006. I would rather say, that I am old school WoW player, who’s missing the old days of character setup.
4. Summarize your guild and raiding history?
Do not know the relevance of the question, as the last time I have been in a guild was 2010 on top of that on Horde side and different realm. My last guild disbanded and moved to another realm right before Cataclysm, I ended on Doomhammer and later on moved my toons to Alliance. Raiding wise I have done almost everything up until ICC. As I have skipped most of Cataclysm and MoP, throughout WoD I did all the raiding content via LFR, so as in Legion up until now. I know, that LFR content is not real, however was enough to familiarize with the raid mechanics.
I like crunching numbers and evaluating performance. This could also be proven useful, if you decide the guild needs it. I like researching as well. I had in the past some nice findings of fight shortcuts, namely in Srath3D.
5. How often can you attend our raids?
As said in your guild advert Wed/Sun are suitable for me. Occasionally might be out due to work, yet I will duly notify in advance.

About motivations to join us:
6. Why did you apply to vigilantes?
I saw that you are looking for progress seriously, without the obsession for loot and achievements. I like to enjoy the game not compete at it – I have enough of that in my job. I am a mature person, focused on my life and work projects, using WoW to employ my brain cells through relaxation times. Looking at your guild setup and description, it just might be what I am looking for – friends most of all.
7. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes?
I know nobody, had a short chat with Stellvia, after seeing announcement in trade chat.
Closing questions:
8. Anything questions or comments for us?
No questions, hope to have some new friends and good time.