Sinserius - ShadowPriest

Application character information
Character name: Sinserius
Level: 110
Class: Priest
Current realm: Doomhammer
Armory link:

About your character(s)
1. What is your main spec? Shadow
2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec?
at this point I dont play any offspec, maybe this change in the future.

About raiding
3. How long have you played WoW?
- Played wow since vanilla.
4. Summarise your guild and raiding history?
- I have been differents raiding guilds in past history. I started raiding in vanilla at , and since its downfall i changed realm/guild where i can proceed raiding. I have been on break at wow 2 times since launch. Last break lasted allmost 2 years. I stopped playing after pandaria and Garrosh Mythic kill at first of our realm doomhammer on those days. Started again bout 1-2 month ago and tryed to get my char to raidready. 873ilv atm. What comes at the guilds, im loyal and peace loving old chap who love to raid Laughing out loud I stay in guild aslong raiding is its chedule and I have change to attend those raids. This dont mean that i rise a hurricane if im not selected on some raid ewery time.
5. How often can you attend our raids?
Basicly i can attend on ewery raid in wed/sun ewenings. Thursdays is hard days to me be online. But you dont have raid then right Eye-wink

About motivations to join us:
6. Why did you apply to vigilantes?
good raid times, great progress. tells me solid and good guild where is nice to be and be part of that all.
7. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes?
no not personally.

Closing questions:
8. Any questions or comments for us?
Not this time no Smiling