Tayln Brewmaster Monk

Character name:
Current realm:
The Maelstrom
Armory link:

About your character(s)
1. What is your main spec?
Brewmaster Tank

2. Do you play an off spec? If so, would you be comfortable to occasionally raid in that spec?
I Rarely Play DPS spec, it has some points in, but not loads. Tbh I find it quite boring, but will
play if required.

About raiding
3. How long have you played WoW?
Since Day one
4. Summarise your guild and raiding history?
Raided on DoomHammer for many Years. Started in Atlas Shrugged, Ended in MnM before moving to
a PvP realm (Big mistake)

5. How often can you attend our raids?
Once I'm working again, the only nights I won't be playing is Thursday, Friday and Saturday
and these are none raid days, so whenever you need me Smiling

About motivations to join us:
6. Why did you apply to vigilantes?
Vigi's has been around a very long time and is very stable, have had an alt in here for years, seemed like a good
place to plant roots again.

7. Do you know anyone who is already in Vigilantes?
the only name I recognized was Novak, but haven't been on Doomhammer properly since early Pandaland.

Closing questions:
8. Any questions or comments for us?
Does this guild practice the time-honored tradition of Gnomish sacrifice to appease the loot gods?
If not I would like to resurrect this noble art. I think too many old traditions are passed over by the new genration.

ps, ask about the dangers of werewolves and fatmen some time...